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Extremely strong model castles
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 Model Castles
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Extremely strong construction

Our castles are collected by hobbyists, lawyers, doctors even rock stars, and of course kids :)

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Castle of Wonder
Diamondshield Castle
Large keep, tower, 5 interior rooms, working drawbridge and more. 33" by 23" by 25".

Castle of Courage
Working drawbridge, large courtyard area, gatehouse, keep, towers and more.
Great Keep of Honesty
Keep of Honesty
Powerful main gate, keep, large interior rooms.
Fortress of Justice
Ironhelm Fortress
Strong main gate, round tower with keep, 2 interior rooms.
Stonehurst Castle
Includes a gatehouse, working drawbridge, large keep and numerous interior rooms.
Castle of Love
Castle of Love
Gatehouse, drawbridge, towers, large courtyard area separates the keep from outer walls.  32" by 22" by 21".
Bergstrom Castle
Bergstrom Castle
Gatehouse, working drawbridge, majestic towers, staircases, balconies and more.  28" by 18" by 30" tall.
Stronghold Fortress
Low and wide. Vast courtyard area, look-out towers. Great!  46" by 32"" by 7" tall.
Goldmountain Castle
An interesting castle town. Includes two main gates, working drawbridge, 9 interior rooms.  35" by 30" by 22" tall.

King Solomon's Summer Fortress
A powerful castle perfect for figure displays. Includes strong main gates that open, interior rooms and more. 36" by 21" by 15" tall.

Minas Tirith
from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Huge main gates, ramparts, towers and more. Measures 8 feet wide.
Helms Deep
from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Main gates work. A huge 25mm castle.  Measures 4 feet wide.

Castle Works Co.
Tel #  (732) 431- 1784

Email welcomed at castleworks5@gmail.com
and castleworksco@gmail.com

Lg Diamondshield Castle
Has a large keep, 8-sided tower, interior rooms.  33" by 23" by 25".
Lg Castle of Courage
Gatehouse, small keep with interior room.  28" by 25" by 11" tall.
Fortress of Strength
Two front towers, keep, main gate and a fortified inner room with removable roof.  26"by 22" by 10" tall.
Fortress of Forgiveness
Silversmith Fortress of Forgiveness
Massive walls protect two large keeps. Seven large interior rooms.  32" by 22" by 20".
Fortress of Courage
Fortress of Courage
Working drawbridge, large keep with a  spacious Great Hall and more.  37" by 25" by 14" tall.
Large Castle of Love
Working drawbridge, working inner gate portcullis, two interior rooms and more.  40" long by 32" wide and 26" tall.

Kings Castle
Working drawbridge, rear portcullis, Several interior rooms and more.  Measures 60" long by 48" wide.
The Fortress of Wisdom
Perfect for all 54mm and 70mm figures
Measures 42" wide by 14" deep by 19" tall.
Castle of 
Beauty and Strength
Built in four separate pieces that slide together to form this huge castle. 12 feet wide by 15" deep by 26" tall.

Email welcomed at castleworks5@gmail.com
and castleworksco@gmail.com